In this Skylapser video, we show you how to calculate the Field of View (FOV) for any lens on any camera. For shooting panoramic or giga-pixel photos, it’s necessary to know both the horizontal and the vertical FOV for the particular lens that you are using. Most sites only show you the Diagonal FOV for a full frame 35mm camera. Luckily there are exceptions, such as Max Lyon’s Photography Calculator page here:…
But another way to calculate FOV is by using the following formula:
2x arctan(Sensor mm/2/(Lens mm))in deg
You can copy or type this formula into Google search and substitute the values for your camera’s sensor dimensions and your lens focal length and it will calculate your FOV value.

2 thoughts on “How to Calculate the Field of View (FOV) for Any Lens.

  1. Hi! I found this to be super helpful and thank you for this post with the formula. —- 2x arctan(Sensor mm/2/(Lens mm))in deg. This makes total sense to me – but curios how this applies when filming with anamorphic lenses and squeeze factor on sensor? And also, if there is a frame line that is within the sensor (say 2.39:1 on spherical 1:33;1 sensor) would the W and H to plug into the “Sensormm” formula be the frame line dimensions or the full sensor dimensions?
    I am doing a movie – filming anamorphic Alexa 35 camera x 1.85 squeeze factor – and adding a spherical thermal camera, and wanting to find similar FOV to match the thermal camera’s FOV?
    Hope this makes sense. I can’t fins anywhere online talking about anamorphic.

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