“No Meteor Undetected” is the motto of the Global Meteor Network. Skylapser and the Cielito Azul Observatory are joining the Global Meteor Network to help with that vision. The goal of this project is to observe meteors, by a global network of cameras pointed at the night sky. Each camera is connected to a Raspberry Pi running open-source software for video capture, compression and meteor detection.

Meteor detector coverage
A 3-D visualization of the CAO meteor camera field of view.

Our camera records meteor activity in the night sky over the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument in Northern New Mexico and the San Luis Valley of Colorado. A dedicated Raspberry Pi computer running open source software processes the imagery, detects possible meteors, calculates their trajectories and then uploads the data each morning to the Global Meteor Network’s servers. The G.M.N.uses this citizen scientist gathered data to provide scientists with a world wide overview of meteor activity each night.

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