CAO East

Cielito Azul Web Cam (East)

The Cielito Azul observatory
located at 36°32′ 57″ N – 105°48’48” W.
near Tres Piedras, NM USA.

The observatory is primarily focused on all-sky and wide-field imaging and time-lapse astrophotography. Located on the high desert Taos Plateau with an unobstructed 360 degree view, our location is ideal for all-sky observations of meteors, satellites, and aircraft.

Instrumentation includes:

  • A Global Meteor Network north-facing meteor detector camera with RMS meteor detection and tracking software running on a Raspberry Pi 4 computer. 
  • All-Sky Raspberry Pi HQ camera with Arecont Vision 1/2” 1.55mm f2 lens, Indi-AllSky software running on a Raspberry Pi 4 computer
  • Lumix GH-3 DSLR with 4mm f2.8 Fisheye lens for 4K resolution all-sky capture
  • Celestron C-90 SCT telescope, Canon 20D DSLR camera, with Skywatcher All-View Alt-Az mount and SynScan Wi-Fi adapter.
  • Meade LXD-55 6″ Newtonion telescope with EQ mount
  • A Raspberry Pi computer running StellarMate OS and K-Stars software to control the telescopes.
  • Ambient Weather WS_2902 weather station

LIVE VIEW Cielito Azul All-sky camera


Click here for the All-Sky Time-lapse video archive.

LIVE VIEW Cielito Azul ObservatoryMeteor camera (Updates only during night.)

Click here for Cielito Azul Observatory Meteor Camera Nightly Data Archive

Astronomical viewing conditions at the Cielito Azul Observatory.

The Cielito Azul Observatory weather forecast from